Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition Mission Statement

The Child Nutrition Department of Ardmore City Schools will provide a well-balanced meal available to all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex or disability. All meals will meet nutritional guidelines for Americans following current regulations by the Federal and State Governments. We will strive to provide meals that children of Ardmore City Schools want to eat and still follow good nutrition goals. We will encourage eating smart for the mind and body, while maintaining financial soundness, and contributing to the quality and excellence of a student’s education experience.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


If you are interested in being a stakeholder in the Wellness Policy, please contact the Director of Child Nutrition.

Robye Cook
Phone: 580.221.3001 Ext. 1241


The cafeteria is provided for a student’s convenience. In order to keep a clean, attractive, orderly environment, the student is required to:

  • Wait his/her turn in line

  • Do not cut in front of others

  • Deposit all lunch litter in wastebaskets

  • Return all trays and utensils to the dish washing area

  • Leave the table and floor in a clean condition for others.


Donald Johns

Donald Johns

Commodity Distribution

Robye Cook

Robye Cook

Nutrition Director

Veronica Rumbaugh

Veronica Rumbaugh