Attendance Age Requirements

All children between the ages of five (5) years on or before September 1, and twenty-one (21) years on or before September 1, shall be entitled to attend school free of charge in the district in which they reside.

Pre-School Attendance Age (4 Year Old Program)
Children who have reached the age of four (4) years on or before September 1 and who have not attended a public school or kindergarten, shall be entitled to attend early childhood programs at any public school in the state where such programs are offered. Four-year-old children are not required to attend an early childhood education program.

Kindergarten Attendance Age
Children who have reached the age of five (5) years on or before September 1 of the school year may be admitted to kindergarten classes approved by the State Board of Education.

First Grade Attendance Age
Children who have reached the age of six (6) years on or before September 1 of the school year may be admitted to first-grade classes approved by the State Board of Education.

Enrollment Items
An official birth certificate or other proof of birth is required as proof of age at the time of enrollment in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, or if not previously verified, in first grade.  An up-to-date immunization record is also required at the time of enrollment.

Maximum Age
The maximum age is set by Oklahoma School Law.  Termination of school attendance before graduation from high school or before reaching the age at which attendance is not compulsory may be permitted by mutual consent of the superintendent, principal, parents or guardian, and in some cases, the county judge.  (70-1-114)

Enrollment of Military Children
Students shall be allowed to continue their enrollment at grade level in the receiving district commensurate with the grade level from the sending school, regardless of age.  This could result in underage military children being enrolled in kindergarten and/or first grade.  (See Board Policy FB-AB)  [70-18-111:  Underage pupils in kindergarten and first grade who have been in legal school attendance in a public or private school in another state or in a Department of Defense School for military dependents may be legally enrolled and attend an Oklahoma school.]

Attendance Requirements

Students are subject to compulsory school attendance and truancy laws as required by the statutes of the State of Oklahoma and regulations of the state Board of Education.

Excused Absences

School attendance officers may excuse absences for students who are absent because of accident or injury, death in the family, emergency situations, or other extenuating circumstances.  Also, a student who is participating in a school-sponsored activity and has received the prior approval of the principal will receive an excused absence.


  • Confirmed Illness by parent or doctor

  • Accident or Injury

  • Medical & Dental Appointments

  • Death in the Family

  • Religious Holy Days

  • Participation in a Military Funeral Honors Ceremony

  • Emergency Situations

  • Suspensions

“Excused absences may be granted to a student by the school attendance officer upon receipt of a; certificate from a duly licensed and practicing physician for physical or mental disability; due to “an emergency and at the request of the parent, guardian, custodian or other person having control of the student; and at the written request of the parent, guardian or person having custody or control of the student for the purpose of observing religious holy days and for the days which the, student must travel to and from the site where the student will observe the holy days.  The written request must be presented prior to the absence of the student.”  (Reference:  70 O.S. §10-105)

Unexcused Absences

An unexcused absence is defined to be any absence in which a student is absent from class without approval of the school attendance officer.

When are students considered truant and what is considered excessive absences?

Oklahoma Statute [70 O.S. § 1101 defines “child in need of supervision” and “deprived child” as one who, among other things, Being subject to compulsory school attendance, child is willfully and voluntarily absent from school for fifteen (15) or more days or parts of days within a semester or four (4) or more days or parts of days within a four-week period without a valid excuse, as defined by the local school boards.

The Board of Education designates all building principals and other specified certificated employees as attendance officers for Ardmore City Schools.  It shall be the duty of each school and the District to maintain attendance records and provide attendance information to the District court and other appropriate authorities.

Attendance Requirement for Receiving Grades and/or Credits

  • For grades PK-8:  A student must be present 93% of the quarter.

  • For grades 9-12:  A student must be present 93% of the semester.