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Enrollment Portal

Online Enrollment Instructions
Parents must complete an online enrollment for each child they are enrolling. All six Ardmore Schools are listed
below. Click on your child’s school, complete the information, digitally sign the document and then click the
“submit” button at the end. The information you just completed will be sent to that school. If you have
students at multiple schools, just click on the next school and complete another enrollment.
If you are enrolling at one of our grade 1-5 elementary schools [Charles Evans, Jefferson or Lincoln] and don’t
know for sure which school is in your attendance area, visit the “Elementary Boundary Map” below. Just enter
your address in the search area and the map will tell you which school is your school. As a reminder, you must
enroll in the elementary school that is in your attendance area. If you are wanting to attend a different
elementary school, you can apply for an “in-district transfer” at the school.
Select your school below and get started!
Existing/Returning Students
You will be given a returning student packet when you come to enroll, which will have four additional forms for you to complete:
    • Student Services Enrollment Questionnaire
    • Verification of Residency/Approved Transfer form and provide current proof of residency as is outlined on the form.
    • Internet Conduct Agreement.
    • Your school’s Compact for Learning Agreement.
    • Visit any of the other departments you need to: Transportation, Child Nutrition, Indian Education, Immunizations….
    • Sign for and receive your student handbook.

Students who are new to Ardmore Schools
All of the same requirements as stated above for existing/returning students plus a few additional documents that are necessary for new students.

Be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions section below.  It just may answer any question you have.

School Supply Lists
*Pre-Packaged Kits for PK – 5, $40 each, limited supply available at enrollment*