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Ardmore 50 for 50 Initiative

I hope you and your family are safe and well as we continue to navigate this pandemic. Our
Ardmore $50K for 50 Years Initiative is underway! This initiative’s short-term goal is to
rejuvenate and start a database for The Ardmore Alumni Association. The long-term goal is to
set up an endowment for Ardmore City Schools for curricular and extracurricular activities by
challenging Ardmore High School/Douglass High School graduating classes from 1964-2014 to
raise $1,000/class. We are collecting from all Ardmore Alumni, just targeting and challenging
those classes mentioned above. The money will be collected and disbursed through The
Ardmore Enrichment Foundation.
Through this process, alumni will be able to reconnect with their Alma Mater and share the great
history, experiences, and successes of Ardmore City Schools. It is important for our current
students and teachers to know and learn about the history of excellence throughout Ardmore
City Schools in the various organizations. This will strengthen our community and the financial
support needed to build and sustain top-tier organizations.
I need your help with 2 things:
1. We need help raising $1,000 for your class to reach our goal. Please contact members
from your graduating class and tell them about our initiative.
2. Are you willing to be interviewed for our campaign promotion and marketing? The
questions/topics are as follows:
a. Background (Name, subject, grade/grades taught and years teaching or
participating inactivity in high school/college/etc)
b. Why are you a part of this organization? (Describe why you started/your passion
for it...)
c. Why should Ardmore/Douglass Alumni support this organization? (What is
needed? What skills are developed through this activity? Etc...)
d. Describe what you love about the activity and how you plan to keep it going and
Once we are finished editing your interview footage, we will send it to you for final approval
before posting your video. Let me know if you have any additional questions.
Please look for our initiative to roll out on Facebook @Ardmore50for50, YouTube Channel
Southern Oklahoma Community Arts, Inc., and our website at
Please make checks payable to:
Ardmore City Schools Enrichment Foundation
Memo Section:
Ardmore $50 for 50 Initiative
Class of (Your Class Here)
P.O. Box 1709
Ardmore, OK 73402
Or Online at this link:
(Remember to include Memo Section:
Ardmore $50 for 50 Initiative
Class of (Your Class Here))
Thank you for being a part of this project that will unite our Ardmore Alumni Association and
provide lasting support to our Alma Mater!
Once a Tiger Always a Tiger,
Chauvin D. Aaron
Ardmore High School Class of 2003
FaceBook @Ardmore50for50
Please consider donating online by clicking the DONATE button below!