Contact Information:
Telephone: (580) 221-3001
Fax: (580) 226-7652
Room 111

JoAnne Graham
, Coordinator
(580) 221-3001 ext 132

Helen Thomason, Assistant
(580) 221-3001 ext 132

The Title I Videoconference Center is located in room 111 of the Education Services Center. Funded and administered by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (SDE), the center serves an eleven county area and is one of ten in the state.

Videoconferencing provides two-way audio and video communication among ten sites. It is used for professional development and technical assistance in the Title I areas of reading and mathematics, all federal programs and other educational areas of concern and for teachers working in schools with a high concentration of students living in poverty. This technology reduces costly travel expenses and makes more efficient use of time.

Jo Anne Graham provides Title I technical assistance to any of the school districts served by the videoconference. Administrators or teachers may contact her by phone, FAX, or e-mail or request a visit to the school.