Faculty & Support Listing

Contact Take 2 at 580-221-3037

- Lori Bell, Director

- Kenna Owens MBS, LPC, School Counselor
- Crystal Whitfield, Secretary
Darrah Birth, Middle School Language Arts, English I & II & Life Skills
- Jack Blount, High School and Middle School Science & Life Skills
- Samantha BuckHigh School English & Life Skills
- Stacy Marsh, Social Studies & Life Skills
- Kevin Gill, Middle School Social Studies, Physical Education/Health and Technology Mentor & Life Skills

Danny Thele,  Math

- Armando Oliverez, Custodian

Take Two Board of Trustees

President: Greg Raper, Supt. Thackerville Public Schools

Vice President:  Sonny Bates, Supt Ardmore City Schools

School Representative:  Mike Martin, Supt. Davis Public Schools

School Representative: Joe Neely,  Supt. Marietta Public Schools

School Representative:  Karl Stricker, Supt Plainview Public Schools

School Representative:  Jerry Garrett, Supt. Turner Public Schools

Members At-Large:  Donnell Cox, James Meece, Lesley Dvorak, Barry Antwine, Jeff Stoker and Don Wilson

Ex-Officio Members:  Lori Bell