Special Services

Contact Information:
Telephone: (580) 221-3001
Fax: (580) 221-3044
Room 113

Carolyn Thomas
(580) 221-3001 ext 120
Terri Green, Administrative Assistant
(580) 221-3001 ext 120

Shirley Murphy, School Psychologist
(580) 221-3001 ext 120

Iris Benedick, Psychometrist
(580) 221-3001 ext 120

Renita Dotson, School Nurse
(580) 223-2475
(Office located at Ardmore Middle School)

Ardmore City Schools provides a free and appropriate public education to students with disabilities from three through twenty-one years of age, or completion of the twelfth grade. We currently have twenty-three special education teachers, three speech pathologists, and one school psychologist. In addition, we provide occupational therapy and physical therapy through contractual services.

If you suspect a child may have a disability, contact the home school to initiate a referral. After a comprehensive evaluation is conducted by a qualified examiner, a multidisciplinary team will meet to determine whether the child does/does not have a disability, and needs special education services.