Contact Information:
Telephone: (580) 221-3001
FAX: (580) 221-3028

Chris KennedyDirector
(580) 221-3001 ext 311 

Creede TibbsAssistant Director
(580) 221-3001 ext. 310

Misty JonesAdministrative Assistant
(580) 221-3001 ext. 310

Lonnie EstephPlumber
(580) 221-3001

Phil MiguelCarpenter
(580) 221-3001

Additional Staff:
- Don Jons
- Cory Lofton
- Dusten Kennedy
- Chris Ezeobele

The Maintenance Department has the responsibility of maintaining all district owned facilities. Our maintenance director provides the guidance and leadership for our maintenance department. He takes a hands-on approach to the department. He is usually the first at a school site when the services provided by the department are needed.
There are several licensed and highly skilled maintenance staff members that contribute to the upkeep of our facilities. There is no margin for error, and they do the job right the first time.
The groundskeepers do a wonderful job keeping our grass mowed, watered and looking great. They keep the trees and shrubs trimmed, the plants watered and pruned. They keep beautiful Noble Stadium looking great. Plumbing services are outsourced.