Indian Education

Contact Information:
Telephone: (580) 221-3001
 FAX: (580) 226-7652
 800 M St. NE
 Monday - Friday 8:30-11:30 a.m

Kim Smith, Director
(580) 221-3001 ext. 141 

Indian Education Instructional Assistants: 
- Ardmore High School: Bridget Moore
 - Ardmore Middle School: Donna Jones
 - Charles Evans Elementary: Kim Colbert, Cheri Conway & Karen Smart 
 - Jefferson Elementary: Lezlie Smith
 - Lincoln Elementary: Carrie Hedger
 - Will Rogers Elementary: Margaret Wise

Program Eligibility Requirements

Title VII Program
The Title VII program is our federally funded program in which either the student, parent, or grandparent of the student must have a Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) and/or a tribal membership. A Title VII Eligibility Certification (506 form) must be completed and is available at enrollment or from any Indian Education staff listed above. Title VII students are eligible for all Title VII services, listed below.
Johnson O’Malley (JOM) Program
The JOM program is our tribally funded program. Students must have a copy of their own CDIB or tribal membership card on file in the Indian Education office to be eligible for JOM services. The requisite Title VII 506 form must also be on file in the Indian Education office. These students are eligible for both Title VII and JOM departmental services listed below.

Attention All Parents/Guardians of Native American Students

Your child must receive their tribal membership certificates/cards from their respective tribes. Many tribes are requiring tribal membership verification, rather than CDIB cards, for various and numerous tribal services. Please contact the Indian Education Department if you need assistance.

Departmental Services

Title VII - (all Indian Education students)
- Free tutoring
- Grade/attendance monitoring
- Parental contact if child is on the ineligible list
- ACT Prep course for juniors and seniors
- Post-secondary assistance
- Scholarship application assistance
- Ardmore City Schools Native American Club-The Dream Catchers
- Field Trips
- Non-JOM-sponsored activities and services
JOM - (students with their own CDIB or tribal membership card)
*All Title VII Services, plus:
- 1st-12th gr. - Honor Clubs (for grades and perfect attendance)
- Perfect Attendance Awards
- AMS/AHS course fees
- School supplies
- Fall/spring ACT fee for juniors and seniors
- Indian Education Student of the Month Awards
- Senior Cap and Gown Purchased
- Awards Banquet
Parents of Seniors:
If you would like to be placed on an e-mail scholarship list for scholarship information and updates, please contact the Indian Education. office at (580) 221-3001, ext. 141 or contact Bridget Moore at (580) 226-7680, ext. 311.