Human Resources Department 
Position Open, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources/Curriculum: Ext 211
Terrie ColawSecretary: Ext 211
 (580) 221-3001
 Fax#: 226-2472
 800 M Street N.E., Room 215
 P.O. Box 1709
 Ardmore, OK 73402
 Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday – Friday

Ardmore City Schools, believes that all students deserve capable, caring, professional, well-trained and dedicated teachers who have high expectations for their learning success. We believe that the cultural and ethnic diversity of our student body and of our staff is an asset and enriches the overall learning and working experience.
 These beliefs about students and learning provide the guidelines for our work in personnel. We actively recruit instructional staff who hold current credentials and advanced degrees. We invest in our teachers through our professional development program. A highly trained staff benefits our students.
 Thank you for considering employment with Ardmore City Schools.
Contact Us
Applications may be submitted in person to the Human Resources, Ardmore City Schools, 800 M Street NE, or by mail to the Human Resources, Ardmore City Schools, P.O. Box 1709, Ardmore, OK 73402. As a condition of employment, each prospective employee must pass a National Background Search at his or her expense.
 Substitute teacher applications are now being accepted for the 2011-12 school year. Please apply in person. If you have questions, please call 580-221-3001 Ext 211.
Certified Staff
All certified applicants must be certified (Highly Qualified) in the area they apply as per the federal ”No Child Left Behind Act of 2001”.
Non-Certified Staff
Non-Certified staff members who work directly with children as teacher assistants or paraprofessionals must also be highly qualified to meet the Federal Title I provisions. They must have an Associates Degree, have completed 48 college hours or have successfully passed a Para Pro Examination.
 Non-certified staff members who are seeking positions not related to direct instruction of children (office staff, technicians, bus drivers, child nutrition, maintenance and custodial) are not subject to the above requirements.
Substitute Teachers
Certified and degreed substitute teachers will be paid $60.00 per day and non-certified substitute teachers will be paid $51.00 per day. Certified substitute teachers who remain in the same classroom for five consecutive days will be paid $65.00 per day on the sixth and following days.
 A certified teacher can substitute an unlimited number of days; degreed substitutes can only substitute 100 days; and, a non-certified substitute can only substitute 90 days and not more than twenty (20) days in the same assignment. Long-term substitutes are required to be certified in the area they are assigned.
 As a condition of employment, each applicant must pass a National Background Search at his/her expense.