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Enrollment for Ardmore High School students

AHS for Existing Students
August 1 (Noon - 6:00PM)
August 2 (9:00AM - 3:00PM)

New Students to ACS in Grades 1 - 12
August 3 (Noon - 6:00PM)

The 2016 Gallup Student Poll: 
Features questions and reporting to help promote a strong sense of purpose and a thriving life for students.

The questions focus on four themes that generate actionable data for schools:

  *   Engagement: The involvement in and enthusiasm for school
  *   Hope: The ideas and energy students have for the future
  *   Entrepreneurial Aspiration: The talent and energy for building businesses that survive, thrive and employ others
  *   Career/Financial Literacy: The information, attitudes and behaviors that students need to practice for healthy participation in the economy.

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Gallup Student Poll Links 2016-17 School Year



***Seniors apply!! --- The MORE Scholarship Foundation***

Qualifications to Participate:
 To qualify for The MORE Scholarship the following conditions must be met:
-Student must be a senior and currently enrolled in a Carter County, Oklahoma high school.
-2.8 high school GPA or 21 ACT score.
-Attend an Oklahoma college, university, or vocational-technology institute, and provide a
copy of the admissions letter.
-Family income between $35,000 and $90,000, or $115,000 if applicant has a sibling in college.
Exceptions: All applicants will provide an opportunity for extenuating circumstances. Exceptions may be made by The MORE Scholarship Committee.

All applications must be submitted ONLINE at



Healthcorps Club meets during students Academic Achievement hour 8:52am to 9:21am every Friday.

Ardmore's Health & Wellness Council meets every 2nd Thursday of every month 3:30 to 4:30 pm at the High School in room 106.


Contact AHS

Ardmore High School
701 Veterans Blvd
(580) 226-7680
Attendance Office
(580) 226-7688
Fax: (580) 221-3012

AHS Handbook

Gear Up

Great News:   Ardmore City Schools was recently named as a GEAR UP Champion for having the highest three-year average of students going to college right out of high school among the 24 GEAR UP School Districts. Ardmore City Schools received the award, along with $1,000 to be used for direct student services, at the annual Oklahoma GEAR UP State Conference last week. As partners, GEAR UP, a federally funded grant, and Ardmore City Schools work together to motivate and prepare students to enter and succeed in college


Today is college app day at Ardmore.